Carpet restoration

Flanagan Brothers Carpet Cleaning and RestorationThere is one carpet cleaning company you can depend on to save your carpets and upholstery even after your home has been flooded. Based in Clarksburg, West Virginia, Flanagan Brothers Cleaning & Restoration provides carpet restoration that utilizes a combination of the most effective equipment in the industry.

Protecting Your Home
At Flanagan Brothers Cleaning & Restoration, we offer flooding cleanup for busted pipes, hot water tanks, or even air conditioner overflow. Restoration will help minimize the damage if done promptly, and prevent any further damage to your home.

Our certified restoration company is happy to work with insurance companies on your behalf. We make sure that customer’s do not have to pay anything that is covered by their insurance.

The Restoration Process
Standing water causes mold and mildew, which creates the need for full demolition. To make sure this doesn’t happen, we use moisture detectors throughout the restoration process to assess the extent of the water damage. Our specialized equipment can see moisture not visible to the naked eye, and we continuously take moisture readings for the duration of the project.

The crew uses truck-mounted equipment to extract all the water, and if needed, we will move drywall, kitchen cabinets, and any furniture to access the damaged areas. Combining high-powered dryers with commercial dehumidifiers ensures that everything is completely dry at the end of every job.

Contact us today to discuss if your home requires our restoration services.